Requirements for WQC

Standard Compliance and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Website should be designed to ensure maximum compatibility and should address issues that can arise with each of the major browsers and the different rendering styles of each browser/platform combination. Minimum requirements include: 

  • Breadth of browser compatibility (Explorer 7.0, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Reasonable speed of loading pages (less than 5 seconds)
  • Minimum and maximum monitor resolutions (minimum 800x600)

WQC Awards* also take the following criteria in to account:

  • Universal audience appeal, including multilingual translations
  • Use of audio and video broadcast, use of streaming media
  • Mobile applications and emerging device capability

Functionality and HTML Quality

‚ÄčEach website must also meet the following functionality standards:

  • The technology and programming of the site work well
  • No broken links or script errors occurring within the site

WQC Awards* also take the following criteria in to account:

  • Workability of Flash, ActiveX, rollovers, applets, etc.

Creativity/Graphic Design and Website Content

The website's use of color, graphics and layout should have a consistent theme and offer visitors a sense of comfort and user-friendliness, including the following:

  • LeadingRE branding, linking to from your home page or web navigation** and (if applicable)
  • Inclusion of appropriate information about the company and its management team and associates and comprehensive contact information in easy to find locations
  • Good property search ability and detailed property descriptions
  • Basic consumer information on community and real estate services 
  • Additional rich content for consumers (market data, corporate blog, etc.)

WQC Awards* also take the following criteria in to account:

  • Exceptional visual elements and sophisticated core design
  • Clever synergies of visual elements
  • Effective use of video content
  • Presentation engages consumer and shows significance to their target audience
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